What i’m packing for my year+ trip//hand luggage

i know I’ve done hand luggage ones before but this one is different to my others because I’m packing more in it than i normally would and things that if i didn’t have to they wouldn’t be in my hand luggage.

So i am taking my 4 wheeled cabin sized suitcase as my hand luggage along with a bag to carry things like my passport in that i need to reach quick that will fit inside the case.

Normally i would have my cameras, Ipad, Phone maybe my kobo and chagers in for electronics, maybe a change of clothing/ spare outfit if needed, travel wallet and purse, flight pillow, sun glasses, small tissues and hand sanitizer and the rest of the space taken up by snacks and sweets.


This time because I’m going for longer, doing more, and things just not fitting in my case I’m having to pack more things in my hand luggage that i wouldn’t normally take with me at all and things that would normally go in my check in luggage.

Clothing in my hand luggage is: 1 bikini, 1 pair of shorts, 1 light jumper, 1 pair of leggings 1 pair of fluffy socks and boots or trainers depending on what i plan to where to travel in, 1 summer hat, 1 winter scarf, sarong, 1 towel. Out of all that normally i would have fluffy socks and a jumper.

Electronics and their accessories: Ipad, Phone, Kobo, Laptop, GoPro, Nikon 1 camera, new camera, so that’s then 7 changes plus a spare phone and iPad joint, 1 hard drive,1 battery charger for on the go, around 7 GoPro mounts including a small gorilla pod  for all cameras, selfie stick (yes I’m a solo traveler and not everyone is nice enough to take your picture in the world) phone lenses and light.

my big bulky travel wallet and purse as normal but a lot fuller due to the amount of items and trips.

1 note book with a small pencil case and travel coloring book (long flights and long bus trips)

Zip lock bag with liquids miscellaneous

Snacks and sweets as normal

Travel pillow

Bumbag/ fanny pack

Rucksack backpack that i can carry around the airport but fits in my case.




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