What i’m packing for my year+ trip// Clothing

This is such a hard one i’ve looked at other people packing videos and blogs for what to pack for a year long trip, but i could be away longer i’m also going to places with more that just a sunny climate so i need winter things…

Most people seem to pack summer things a few staple winter pieces and buy the rest when needed and send some things home. Now this would be fine if you knew your travel plans beyond a year bu i don’t i’m not sure if i want to live and work in another country, i’m not sure is i want to go to just hot country after or if ill be going to places in winter, so posting things back is probably not going to happen.

i’ve probably going to have packed way too much but i’ve never done a trip like this and every item i look at i feel ill need, so hard.


  • x1 swimming costume
  • x3 bikinis maybe x4 yet still not sure
  • x1 sarong
  • x1 light scarf
  • x2 camonos
  • x1 cover up dress
  • x3 vest tops – feel like i need more
  • x2 boo tube tops
  • x1 summer dress
  • x1 summer skirt
  • x4 shorts
  • x3 tops good for layering or cover ups
  • x1 summer hat


  • x1 thick jumper
  • x1 winter skirt
  • x3 pairs of leggings
  • x1 jeggings
  • x4 long sleeve tops
  • x2 thin jumper – good for layering
  • x1 hoodie – good for traveling
  • x1 fleece jacket – still not sure about taking this
  • x1 plain thin onsie day/night
  • x1 night socks extra thick
  • x1 thicker wrap round scarf
  • x1 winter hat
  • x1 pair of gloves

Bits of both

  • x1 going out dress
  • x1 pencil skirt – night
  • x1 dressy long sleeve top
  • x1 dressy thin top
  • x4 sets of pjs – x1 winter – x1 summer shorts – x2 mixed thin
  • x3 fluffy socks
  • x1 light cardigan
  • x1 sports leggings
  • x1 cut off baggy trouser things

Other bits

  • x2 towels – not microfiber hate them – one is a wrap round
  • x3 sports bras
  • x1 normal bra – i wore bikinis and sports bras all the time on my last trip!
  • x6 normal socks – x3 ankle x3 trainer socks
  • x7 pairs of pants
  • x1 night clutch bag
  • x1 bum bag/ fanny pack
  • Feel i need a small everyday on the shoulder day bag hmm …
  • x2 cheap thin sandals
  • x1 flip flops
  • x1 trainers
  • x1 summer pumps
  • x1 thin full leg boots
  • x1 dressy chunky going out sandals

So that is around 44 items give or take a few when written down it doesn’t sound too bad but my suitcase is full to busting :/ and that’s not including toiletry’s and other bits like that… i am aloud 30kg and i believe its under plus my hand luggage that i always pack an outfit in just in case of.

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