What i’m packing for my year+ trip//toiletry’s

This post is obviously what i’m packing toiletry wise but i’m also going to add make up and accessories in this too.

This is a little bit different to what i would normally take on a holiday or something like that as i have to pack light and for both continuing travel also to start me off when i get to New Zealand but obviously i can buy products once i’m there.

Basic toiletry’s

  • Lush hair shampoo
  • x2 tubes of foam bursts, really good for shaving and smells amazing light weight
  • sample sashays shampoo and conditioner
  • sample sashays face wash
  • 1 face cloth
  • 1 body scrunchies
  • some lady  necessities
  • travel wash
  • full sized tooth paste
  • and tooth brush
  • roll on deodorant – last longer work better in heat
  • spray deodorant – small nicer
  • ear buds
  • hair brush
  • razor and blades

Along with all the above i will be taking mosquito repellent, sun tan lotion and after sun.

Other things such as my glasses will be on my face, contact lenses and solution for swimming, sunglasses (prescription now i’ve gone up in the world) will be in my hand luggage and glasses cleaner wipes. Also small pack of tissues to carry everywhere along with hand sanitizer.

Normally when i go away i only take things i need but this time i’m trying to take a few luxury’s as i always get some where and think ‘god i could have fetched that’ and ‘id feel a lot nicer if i had that’ so this time if it was small i’ve managed to fir it in and hopefully will get some use.

Luxury items

  • 1 body scrub mitt
  • 1 full sized perfume
  • 2 travel hand luggage sized perfumes

(nice to have different scents)

  • small bottle of talcum powder – smells good, feels nice and great for unwashed hair
  • small bottle of make up remover and wool pads
  • small bottle of nail polish remover
  • make up remover wipes/ baby wipes
  • in shower tanning wash – small sized for un-even tanning :@ (white marks)
  • face cream
  • tangle teezer
  • small lush snow fairy (ultimate luxury my favorite smell for a bath)
  • face mask sheets
  • foot mask boots

The last time i went away on my trip i didn’t take hardly any make up because i was going to warm places and doing thing and thought it would be pointless but this time once i get to my end destination i will be living and working and it will be cooler so i would wear more make up. I have been good not buying anymore make up and trying to use some up to help me determine what to take with me.

Make up

  • Foundation
  • base cream
  • brush cleaner
  • most used make up brushes
  • x2 naked pallets
  • sample colored eyes shadows
  • eye brow pallet
  • tweezers
  • blusher, bronzer, highlighter
  • x2 lipsticks
  • 1 lip liner
  • concealer
  • x3 nail polishes
  • lip balm


  • i will have on me all piercing jewelry such as my lip, belly ears all 5, 6 if i can re pierce one that’s healed up slightly lol  but i will be taking spare ones of all in case i lose them for any reason at all.
  • 2 night time necklaces – big chunky
  • 1 day choker – plastic thing boho vibe esk
  • 1 bracelet – what will be screwed to my wrist not coming off
  • 1 material cuff
  • maybe my rose gold watch ???
  • 2 pairs of night earrings dangle things

Other/ Hair

i am not taking my hair dryer that would be just so un necessary but i am user weather or not to take my hair straighteners or not  i don’t use them normally when i go away but as ill be living i’m not sure i like straight hair for interviews and nights out hmm… ???? all to be decided on space i think.

  • bobbles large and small
  • slides/ bobby pins
  • material head band
  • hair jewelry piece

i like having my hair in french plats but i can’t do them and i can’t bring my friend along to do them so i got some things on amazon that you wrap your hair around and looks like you have french plats 89p each got 2 hopefully i can work them and bring them along.

  • Blackout eye mask
  • pillow spray/sleep spray



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