Abseiling Table Mountain Day 1

Day 1 of my trip, should be day 2 but I’m starting from the day i did things.

I will do an in depth review of the hostel i stayed at (Ashanti Gardens) at a later date as i will have stayed there for over a week of my trip. I will let you know all the things it offers etc..

My day started with an early-ish start to the day as i had to get to the my city tour office to get my tickets and then get up table mountain.

Starting from the my city tour office on long street (taxi from hostel is R30 or walking is around 20mins) i had pre-bought my tickets for the day online here as it is cheaper to do so, doing the RED LINE up to table mountain pre-buying my cable car tickets to save time R225. however once i got up to table mountain i was in a queue for 2 hours waiting to get the cable car up (it takes 2-hour t walk up table mountain) this is a regular thing apparently on mornings especially when its nice. make sure to take sun screen and water! (sightseeing bus link here)


my plan was to get up by 11am to do my abseil however this went out of the window but the abseil guys were really good about it and were expecting the delay and i did it as soon as i was there, this was one of the most terrifying things i have done i will say that now, however, once your over the edge and getting used to it it is actually nice and relaxing taking in the scenery this way, it takes 3 to 8 mins to go from the top to the bottom. This cost me R995 book online its around R100 cheaper. Once its done you have a 30min walk back up to the top of table mountain so make sure to take water. (Abseil website here)

You also get a free photo!


Once i had had a sugar fix and took in some views from the top of the mountain i caught the RED LINE bus back and stopped off at V&A waterfront. (make sure to sit upstairs on the bus you get really good sea views and lots of information) i then took the city tour harbour cruise, now this was purely so i could get to know all the information and history of the place and cost me R40 for 20mns. The water front is a good place to get food or do some shopping if you wish. i took time and had some food and sat at the harbour front along with visiting the water shed and V&A food market.


I had pre bought tickets for the city sightseeing sun set bus tour that takes you to signal hill with an amazing view of the sun set. This cost me R 120 and lasted around 2.5hours, don’t be in a rush back as there is lots of traffic and i didn’t get back until 9pm ish and the sun set at a little after 7pm. make sure to take a jacket as it gets very breezy and do as everyone else take a picknick and some wine!  this drops you back off at V&A water front, a taxi back to my hostel cost me R150 and i was told Uber it only costs around R50 so try and get wifi and do that.


if anyone would like to know more feel free to comment i will reply, this is a good first day plan to get to know the city. All links are in the section talked about.

Hostel: Ashanti Gardens Backpackers (from R190 pn)

Getting Around: Uber or City Tour bus

Must Bring: jacket and some water

Total Cost for the day: R1,625



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