Shark Cage Diving Day 3

Shark cage diving was one of my highlight’s of the trip that i was most looking forward to and unfortunately didn’t quite live up to expectations, not that it wasn’t good as it was the company were really good and full of information but i became sea sick (i have never been before) and couldn’t quite enjoy it as much and the visibility wasn’t brilliant but i have done it and ticked it off my bucket list.


I booked through STA Travel as i knew it was something i rally wanted to do so it was a must for me to book before hand, the company was with Marine dynamics they work closely with the sharks and have marine biologist’s there to tell you everything and for the conservation of the great white shark. From cape town it was a 2 hour drive to Gansbai, once arrived you were checked in and had a free brunch with tea, coffee, juice and cereal, yogurt, continental (bread, meet, cheese) warm potato’s and egg.


You then go down to get on the boat and head out for around 15mins to your destination here you spend around 3 to 4 hours depending. They do not time how long you are in the cage for but it estimated around 20 to 25 per group of 8 in the cage, once you’ve had your time depending on if you see the sharks or not there is a chance to go back in after once everyone is done, you then get hot chocolate and a towel to dry off and warm up. Juice and sandwiches are served on board also.


In summer visibility is worse than winter and is at around 1meter, personally i think you have a better view of the sharks from above the water when on the boat, we saw 6 different sharks and is around average for the time of year i did it. Once you return you get free soup and bread to warm back up and water on the bus back.


I would recommend taking sea sickness tablets even if your not and an underwater video camera such as a go pro as you may never get a photo but you can get stills from a video.



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