Peninsula Tour Day 4 Cape Town

I had been told to do a peninsula tour by a lot of people so i booked one with a company i already knew and that was baz bus, and i am so glad i did after listening to some people i realised that my tour was the best for the price.


The tour itself was really fun and the guide was very informative and funny at the same time, they were very accommodating and if your hostel is a baz bus stop they will pick you up and drop you off for no extra cost. The Tour cost me R750 and you can find out more here.

We started the day by driving down to Hout bay where you can take an optional boat trip to see seal island for an extra R80 – i would recomend this its a nice little trip and we got to see a hump back whale too. We then drove up to a view point of hout bay to have a light brunch (all food and drink is included in the trip) of yogurt, muffins ans juice.  Then along Chapman’s Peak drive for an amzing sea view.


Our next stop was the place ive been dying to see for so long and that was boulders beach in simons town, to see … the penguins !!! this was the best stop for me we got around 1 hour hear and i could have spent longer we got to see little baby ones too.


our last cuple of stops were all in one area and that was to cape point and to cape of good hope here we went into the national parck so there is a chance of seeing wild animals such as baboons (we did not :( ) once in we cycled 5km to the place we were having lunch it was a nice ride once you get up the hill that is and can just sit back and take in the scenery but you have 30mins to do it in so planty of time to stop and take some pictures. Lunch was so good we got lots of choice to make sandwiches different breads, different fillings, salad, chrisps/chips, fruit and pop or water, it was well needed after that bike ride i can tell you i hadnt rode a bike in years!!



After this you drive down to the lighthouse for a sea view you can walk up to the top and it is quite steep with lots of steps but i managed it, alternativly you can get the train thing up to the top at your own cost. Our last stop was a photo stop at cape of good hope and there was quite a que for this all for a picture. the drive back was just as nice as they drive along the coast and into small town and villages named after places n england from when the english soliders were there.


This was a full day tour staring early morning and ariving back at around 6pm all food and dinks were included in the price as well as all etrance fees to the places mentioned.




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