District6 & Botanical Gardens Day 5

Today was a bit of a free day, i knew what i wanted to do but there was no tour booked just me sorting things out. I decided i would allow myself a lay in well until 8am and have a stroll down to long street from my hostel this was about a 20min walk to the city sightseeing place, my plan was to do the YELLOW ROUTE and then do the walking tour of bokapp but i finished the yellow tour with 2 hours to wait so this is what i did instead.

I bought a citysightseeing pass at R190 that lets you get on any bus so i hopped on to the yellow bus route this takes around 35mins with no stops. My first stop was the district 6 museum the entrance fee is R30 and is worth a visit to learn more about the history there. From there i walked down to the next stop (18) this was about a 5-minute walk and better than waiting 15 mins for a 2 min bus ride, here is where the castle of good hope is again the entrance fee is R30 however at the moment it is R25 because of work being done. (October – November 2016) Now to me personally it wasn’t worth paying any entrance fee i didn’t do the tour i just looked around on myself as the next tour was 30mins time but if your on a budget you could really give this a miss in my personal opinion.



You could now wait for the free walking tour to bokapp depending on the time the first one is at 2:30pm leaving from the city bus tour shop.

I hoped on the blue bus as i didn’t want to waste 2 hour doing nothing (i think i could have had a longer lay in) on the BLUE ROUTE there are lots of stops and could be used as a full day tour. I decided to get off at the botanical gardens and the entrance fee was R60 and well worth it the gardens are huge and very beautiful you could spend all morning looking round and take a pick nick if you wanted, i spent around 2 hour and made sure to hit the places i wanted to see like the canopy walk. You then have several stops that are worth while such as Houte Bay (seal island) a Monkey place, a town ship tour done by a local and a tea bag art place also the money there goes to the township if it wasn’t so late in the afternoon i would have done this but late on the bus only stops at certain stops not all so make sure to think about this. You can also do the purple wine tour from the blue route also.

I decided to stay on the bus and enjoy all the views right back to the stop nearest my hostel so i only had a 5min walk back. This was a little bit of a lazy day but after all the go, go, go and being full of cold i think this is what i needed.


For this day i would recommend bringing a pick nick/pack lunch, water and a jacket as it does get breezy.


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