Baz bus to the Garden Route Day 6

Ok so you will notice from this point on that there will be some days missing and it isn’t because i couldn’t be bothered to write anything but every other day is a travel day from now on and i did very little other than wait for the bus, travel on the bus, check in and out of hostels and maybe had a look around the new place but nothing worth a blog post.

So i wll take this time to just let you know what i think about the baz bus, how it works and if its worth it.

Firstly yes it is worth it i didn’t pay full price as when i went to book it, it was on sale and they are always having sales so be sure to look out for this on their website or through STA Travel when your thinking of booking. I got the ticket that gets me from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth in any time i wanted and this was a good choice, i decided to do the route in the space of 2 week.

Once you have your ticket you have a few options, i pre-booked all my seats for all my stops in one go over email as i knew where i wanted to be at what time. You can also book as you go through skype, phone or email, so its easy to change your plans and decided based on what people tell you that you meet along the way. They have a selection of hostels to pick from that they drop you off at and this is the best option rather than picking hostels not on the list and arranging transport, All the hostel that i stayed at i would recommend and also people that stayed at other ones along the way would also recommend theirs so i belive all the hostels the baz bus offer are good. they all offer tours, most have free wifi and all places to eat/drink for free or extra cost.

Most places are worth 2 nights as the further you go along the later the pick ups and drop off are so you always get 2 full days. Wednesdays and Sundays the baz bus doesn’t drop off from cape town up to PE so some places you may need to stay 3 nights. Personally from the places ive been the best places to have 3 Nights would be Oudtshoorn and Storms River as you can really make the most of your time with different activities.

For me this was the best idea rather than a pre done tour as i could pick and chose the places i want to stop, it was relatively cheap (cheaper than set tours). i felt safe and was very reliable. An other option is to drive yourself but if your a female solo traveler like myself i wouldn’t recommend it, you also have the job of finding safe places to park your car as an extra worry that you just don’t need.



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