Croc Cage diving Oudtshoorn Day 9

My first full day in Oudtshoorn is another day that is fully packed with animals. the hostel i was in was called Backpackers Paradise and Joyrides the hostel is very homely and the staff are friendly you can get Ostrich meat meals at dinner R90 worth a try and free wifi. it also has free tea and coffee along with ostrich eggs and a pool for the hotter days. *****

The hostel offer Bikes for hire as well as a shuttle service to different places in the area and you get discount vouchers from the hostel for all the places you may want to visit. I did tour (D) on the list of trips they do and this was R150 for the car to take me to Cango Caves, Ostrich farm and then the wildlife ranch with a short walk back to the hostel around 15-20mins.

All prices listed below are with the discount from the hostel unless stated otherwise.

  • Cango caves – was R100 with discount R90
  • Ostrich Farm – was R90 with discount R50
  • Wildlife Ranch – was R150 with discount R120 but cobo tour no discount with encounter is R280

Total for the day is = R420


At the cango caves i did the normal walking tour and for me this was nice we got a lot of info about the caves, lots of photo stops and was just right, it lasted around 1 hour and was quite humid down there, you can opt to do the adventure tour this is 1hour and 30mins and it has gaps as small as 27cm. No thank you not for me!


The next stop was the ostrich farm for me this was the best value for money for R50 with free coffee on arrival a full guided tour of the place with lots of information. we got to hold 2 day old baby ostriches as well as get a hug from one, an option to sit or ride one and an ostrich massage it was all in fun and i loved every minute. the riding isn’t for everyone and i know not everyone will agree with riding or sitting on one but this is their country’s culture and its what they do for entertainment.


My last stop was the wildlife ranch and i had big plans for this place, you got a tour of the place with all the info about all the animal they have there and what not, but the best thing about this place is all the animal encounters you can have and are so cheap compared to places back in England. i did the lemur encounter and that was just the cutest thing ever all it wanted was free fruit, i then did the best yet the crocodile cage dive!!! this was even better than the shark cage dive just because you could see it so clear, the water was freezing but so worth it i got around 25 mins in there and it was the best part of the day.



All encounters are R190 and you get around 20 to 25 mins with what ever animal you chose from (from the list obviously)





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