Feeding Elephants Oudtshoorn Day 10 & 11

So today was a short one really the only thing i had planned was to feed the elephants and do some relaxing. and boy was it good.

I’ve split this post into 2 days as both days i did something but not enough to justify one post each.

Day 10

So with the only plan to go to Buffelsdrift game reserve to feed some elephants i knew my day would have some down time in it, so i spent the afternoon in the sun relaxing and me and 2 German girls I’ve been meeting up with along the way made scrambled egg on toast out of the free ostrich eggs at the hostel.


In the morning however i got on the shuttle from the hostel to buffelsdrift game reserve i had an hours wait once i was there but it sits over a beautiful lake and is just perfect for morning tea or coffee, at 10am we got to the action and that was feeding the elephants, this was yet another amazing experience with some marvellous creatures, defiantly genital giants. this lasted around 30mins with a group of 6 people with 3 elephants so it wasn’t too crowded and was lovely you could see that they were well looked after. this cost R280 and the drop off and pick up by the hostel was R50 (the owner was nice enough to pick me up after)


Day 11

So normally i don’t post about travel days but as the baz bus get later pick ups the further down you are, you end of have a full day to do things. Once i arrived in Willderness at around 4pm i met up with some lovely English women who asked if i would like to walk down to the village so obviously i said yes seen as though i had company, this took around 20mins there and back from the fairyknowe hostel, we ended up bumping into my German friends and found a cheque little bar called blue olive that did really good happy hour cocktails by one get one free for as little as R50 to R60 this was a good find and i would recommend it.

Like always we set back off to the hostel before dark as its not recommended to be out after dark (unless in a public area with other people to go home with)  we arrived back just in time and met some more people the English women knew and they took us back into the village in the car to a lovely Italian restraint, I’ve forgotten the name but it was next door to the blue olive. This place was also reasonably priced. and then got a lift back surprisingly this was the first night of my whole trip i was out after dark and i had a really good time despite pulling off too of my real nails ouch!



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