Paragliding in Willderness Day 12 & 13

Today was such an exciting day for me i had booked to do … Paragliding!!! This cost R750 and was over the map of Africa i had booked it through the hostel so I’ve forgotten what company she said it was through but they were brilliant they picked me up and dropped me off for no extra cost. They gave me the option to do it another day as the wind wouldn’t allow us to stay up as long as normal but seen as i had waited all day for the wind i wasn’t saying no, it was meant to be in the morning but there was no wind so i ended up waiting till 2pm to do it. It was the least scary thing I’ve done so far it was just pure magical seeing the ground like that and literally flying in the sky it was magnificent.



Again I’m adding day 13 onto this post but i was supposed to be doing day 12 and 13 together but due to having to wait for wind my plans got messed up. So today i went on a small hike to a waterfall not far from the hostel, it took around 1hour and 30mins there and the same back and was a nice easy walk very little obstacles, it had a lot of steps through and a pontoon crossing which was quite fun to get across the river. There is an entrance fee of R112 i wouldn’t say the water fall at the end is that nice, I’ve defiantly seen better but the walk was quite nice in its self.

The hostel also offers to hire canoes or kayaks to go up the river to this water fall for an extra cost i believe it was R450 for the full day hire but on the plus side you don’t have to pay the entrance fee.





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