Swimming with Cape fur Seals// Plettenburg Day 14

I arrived at Plettenberg at Amayaka Backpackers this hostel was ok but if i went back i would pick a different one it wasn’t very popular and the staff would come into the dorm room on a night to sleep. However it did have really good free Wi-Fi and a free make your own breakfast consisting of fruit, toast with preserves and eggs.

The reason for stopping in Plettenberg like all my stops i had an activity i wanted to do and this was swimming with the cape fur seals.

On my first day of booking it got candled due to the weather and the sea been too rough so if you plan to do this allow 2 night at least so you have 2 days in witch to do it in and re arrange for the next morning. This cost me R600 took around 20-30mins to get to the place there and back and then had 30mins in the water with 100’s of seals that get really close to you and some even nibble your fins, but your not aloud to touch them obviously they are a wild animal in there own home but they will come p to you and that is fine.


I had an absolute blast doing it and loved every minute and was well worth the wait to the next day the company i did it with is offshoreadventures.co.za they supply the wet suite, fins and mask/snorkel.

Now the water was cold but if you keep moving you will be fine and after a couple of minutes you forget about it anyway as your having so much fun with the cute seals, it went really quick for me didn’t feel like 30mins but it was. I would recommend this to anyone and even children they have a flotie so people can hold on to just float around with them.


After this as it was a nice day i went and chilled by the beach treating myself to a can of pop and ice cream and a chip bunny, no i did not spell butty wrong i thought this is just what they call chip butty’s oh no i got for R25 half a loaf of bread filled with chips and all the inside of the bread at the side of my loaf ! And yes i did eat it all too.

I would recommend taking a Gopro camera and film the whole thing with a water resistant pole and strap and then take your stills from the video as the seals move way too quick to try and capture them.  You do need to take your own towel and swim ware.


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