Monkey Land// Storms River day 15

The next stop along the garden route for me was Storms River and hear i stayed at a hostel called Dijembe Backpackers this is a very cool little hippy hostel, the staff are extremely friendly and more than willing to help, the décor is a little different but if you can cope with that its a brilliant place to spend a couple of days. It has free Wi-Fi, free make your own pancakes and evening meals starting from R75 they also offer a very good priced shuttle service. Also you get 10% off if you travel with baz bus and dorm rooms are R150 pn.

On my first full day hear i met back up with some friends id met previously on the trip and we went to Monkey land and Birds of Eden, this is a 20min trip to the crags where they are based and cost us R400 return shuttle and obviously split between 3 of us. We got a combo ticket to get into both parks for R300 but the hostel gave us the discount voucher so it ended up costing R270 each not bad at all.


The monkey land i think should be re named to the monkey sanctuary or something to stop it sounding so gimmicky when all the monkeys and other primates in there are all rescued, It is a 1 hour guided tour through the park with an expert guide that knows everything about them. You can get super close to some of them and others will run away obviously this is depending on where they have been rescued from if they are used to humans being so close. I wouldn’t make this a “oh i have a spare day ill do that” kind of stop i would make it priority for me it was one of the best things i did and again its so nice being able to be so close to animals without bars.

The next place was of course the Birds of Eden, this is a self guided tour so you can take as long as you want, you can buy a guide book to see all the species of birds in there for R25 but that’s entirely up to you. This was again a really good place to get super close to them and we spent around 1hour and 30mins there you could spend longer if your really into your birds, but even if your not its a lovely walk around and you see so many amazing looking birds of all different species from all over the world.


These two places are right next to each other so it makes sense to do them on the same day and make a full day out of it.  The café in the monkey land is well priced and have a good selection to have a dinner brake before you go to the bird place like we did or another option to spend the full day is doing the other things in the area such as the elephant sanctuary and the big cat wildlife park and that you can get a triple combo for all three.


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