Bokaap //Cape Town Day 17

I arrived back to Cape Town today only spending one night in Port Elizabeth and then getting the 1hour flight back, i went with British airways and got really good leg room, a cheese sandwich, caramel muffin, orange juice and a cup of tea not bad at all for a 1 hour flight.

When i arrived back i knew i wanted to do a free walking tour of the bo kaap area, so i headed down to long street and went to the tourism office next to the city tour bus place and signed myself up. Now free is used lightly as it is tip based but the guide was really informative and friendly and lasted for a full hour so i gave R100 some people gave less and some more, i based it on i pay R190 for the bus tour for a full day and that’s transport with not a great deal of information so i thought it was about right personally.


All the different colours of the houses as backgrounds to my photos. So fun and bright i loved it. 


After this i got back to the hostel around 4pm and just had a chilled afternoon i took an early shower and caught back up with videos for my YouTube and managed to get some edited and uploaded. Check them out here – if you want a laugh check out my bungee one !!!


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