Welcome to Singapore//Day 19

Welcome to Singapore everyone, I arrived late afternoon/ early night so the only thing i wanted to do was unpack a little bit and get a shower. The hostel i was staying at was the hangout hostel at Mt Emily ill tell you more about the hostel in a separate blog post.

The fist thing you need to know is to to get an Ezelink card at $12 and comes with $7 already on, this is so you can get around on the subway much easier and quicker and I only had to top it up once the whole time i was there the tube system is quick, cheap and pretty reliable.

From my hostel the closest point to me was little India, I recommend going her on a night time for some very delicious food at a cheap price. I used the little India tube to get anywhere else i needed to be as it was the closest and most well-connected line to use.


My first day as a jam-packed one and really was no need for me to get up so early as i did, i got the tube from little India to bayfront for my first activity of the day and that was to go to the flower domes and skywalk, for both domes it is $28 and the skywalk is $8 personally i really liked them and would recommend doing them definitely worth the money, you can spend as little or long in the sky domes as you would like and the second dome is the best and its the one you see in all the pictures, with the water fall. The skywalk is the area with the giant metal trees and is really good for views of the outdoor gardens and seeing well-known landmarks in the city.



Bayfront – China Town – Harbourfront

I realised that I had loads of time left to do everything as it didn’t get dark till really late so I headed over to the Harbourfront (i wish I had got off at china town and had a look there too) here I wanted to go to mount feber so I headed over to the cable car and got a ticket, now i had a map with a discount in, I didn’t realise this but the girl at the desk did and gave me the choice of buying a return ticket for $30 or a full circle ticket with the discount for $29.70 so obviously i got the full circle and spent about 30 mins going round the cable cars. The first thing was Mount feber here you can do walks, view points and walk over the Henderson waves and that’s what I did, personally I would find a place to see them from a far because you can’t see how they really look when your walking on the bridge itself.

I headed back to the bayfront in search of food, I walked to the other side where you get a good view of the marina bay sands, I decided to be adventurous and I got some traditional Singapore dishes, I got chilli crab noodles and then ice kachang to finish. Now I did not like both of them and that’s the reason as a solo traveller I hate buying foods I’ve not had before because it’s a waste if I don’t like them and it was.


My last plan for the day was to go to the top of the marina bay sands and watch the light show from above, it’s such a disappointment that there is no shelter or a bar that visitors can use, as all I wanted to do was have a cocktail (Singapore sling) on the top and watch the light show seen as I couldn’t stay there and all. No bar so I got a slushie Singapore sling and then a storm started and was not allowed on the deck had to stand in the doorway with 500 of my closest friends in Singapore, and then no light show because of the storm such a waste and dampener on the night (see what i did there) I headed back all dripping wet ready for a nice hot shower and just chill back at the hostel.


The first and second picture are the same just took before and during the storm.



Hostel: Hangout@mountemily

Camera: Iphone6

TopTip: Check the weather report



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