Sentosa Island//Singapore Day 20

Sentosa Island is a really fun place with loads to do I would recommend spending a full day here as there is that much to do for all different budgets, I could have spent a fortune, but i had made a friend so it meant deciding not to do some things and having someone to enjoy the rides with made things last much longer.

It costs $4 for the Skytrain and you can use that all day it the different stops and that starts from the Harbourfront tube station, just follow the signs all the way to the top. alternatively you can use the cable car and get an all day pass for $29 or walk across the walkway for free.

The first stop we did was the universal studios, now I wanted to get the night ticket for Halloween but it wasn’t on that day, we spent the whole morning there having pictures with characters going on all the rides and having an overall good time, my favourite area would have to be far far away. This is the second universal studios the first one being in LA and personally, I prefer the Singapore one, its just a lot bigger.


Our next stop was for food and I spotted a Chillis and I mentioned to my friend that I used to go there a lot when i went to Florida with my family years ago and it was lovely, so she suggested we go there then, it had a large vegetarian menu perfect for her and it really was such a good meal.

After a delicious meal we hoped back onto the Skytrain and headed towards the beaches, here i wanted to do the trapeze swing to tick that off of my bucket list, this was $20 to have a go (the had offer prices depending on how many swings) after getting over the fear of heights yet again and doing the swing i was in need of a very sugary drink so that’s what we did and then towards the beach, the plan was to swim and sunbathe but once we got into the sea it was the warmest sea I’ve ever been in like a bath so we stayed there and chatted until it was time to leave.


The plan was to go back to the hostel and go out for food at little India and then head to see the light show that i missed the night before due to the storm, but after a very large and delicious meal we just headed back to the hostel to relax.


All $ are in Singapore Dollars.



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