Airport Lounge //Singapore Day 21

Before i left for my trip I decided that I would like to try an airport lounge, I had a few stops to choose from but with my lay overs been quite short i opted to do it after being in a place and traveling to the next, and where better to try a lounge than in Singapore!


The lounge cost me £20 from Lounge Pass  and believe me when i say it was definitely worth it and the way forward in travel, for a small fee you feel like your posh and travelling first class, they all normally come with food, beverages, free wifi and some with sleeping facilities and showers. Now if your in Singapore you get even more for your money as long as your in terminal one you can get the pass for the wellness centre, this comes with a large variety of food and beverages (non-alcoholic) free wifi, shower facilities and accesses to the fish spa for free!


If you have a 3-hour wait in an airport check before you get there if the have a lounge you can use and book it and you’ll save money as well as feeling relaxed, as we all know how expensive food and drink is to buy in the airports when you ca pay from £13 to sit in a lounge and get it for free with other benefits too.


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