Open Air Cinema//Brisbane Days 22 & 23

Brisbane was a bit of a bust really, not that its not a nice place because it is, however, its expensive and there isn’t too much to do really. The hostel made my stay terrible so all I wanted to do during the day was sleep.

So it started off with an expensive taxi ride from the airport to the hostel that cost $45, when i get to the hostel I’ve booked into a single room so that I didn’t disturb anyone being 2am and all, now i wasn’t expecting much from this but being on the 4th floor and still hearing the music word for word from the night club and then the guy snoring in the room across me over said music was a nightmare ! i was tired and had tried to be polite and for this, I get no sleep… the music stops around 4:30am – 5:00am and then the cleaner comes hoovering at 7am I’m not a happy bunny at this point, this continues the same every night I’m there.

My first day being tired and irritable I go have a lovely waffle breakfast on my way to the beach in the city (South Bank lagoon) besides having a walk around the area that’s pretty much all I do all day as I fall to sleep at the beach, luckily I have my bikini on and I get to go for a dip.


The next day the plan is pretty much the same but this time I remember to take snacks and a towel for the beach, I walk a different way so I can go look at the botanical gardens and relax by the beach all day, to finish my day I’ve booked into the open air cinema, as I’ve never been to an outdoor cinema before plus with it being Halloween I obviously had to watch a scary movie and eat a cheesy garlic bread.


And that everyone was pretty much my time in Brisbane doing nothing but sleep during the day, eat very little and the best thing being an open air cinema. I must say though there were some relly good night markets on south bank with relly cool and unique things to buy as well as lots of places to get different food and drink if you have a bigger budget for Brisbane than what i did.


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