Firstly I would just like to apologize for the lack of blog posts recently, I will let you all know why in a different blog post to this. So let’s get into this blog post… TRAVELING BUSINESS CLASS WITH EMIRATES.

From Brisbane to Auckland I was upgraded to business class!! the women at the desk said due to technical errors, I was first in the que so i don’t know if this helped but i dont care about the reason, I got to tick yet another item from my bucket list off thanks to what ever error it was.

So as we all know it starts off with “Business class and first class customers may board the flight at their leisure” so i did although they did ask to check my ticket before I even got to que up as they didn’t believe me when I said I was business class… excuse me this que is for business and first class only… yes I’m business class, is how it went down. So the women at the desk even gave me a window seat as that’s what I was supposed to have just in economy, how lucky am I?


I must say it was the best 3-hour flight I have ever had in my life and I’ve had a lot of flights, I just wish this had happened on my 9-hour flight. As I sat down I got greeted with a glass of Moët and a menu for my meal and the drinks on board as if this wasn’t already just amazing there was a selection of drinks already there for me to have including VOSS water… and a quilted blanket and pillow. Here is where I start testing out the buttons for the chair to turn into a bed, the iPad for games, the different lights and the huge (for a plane) screen tv in front of me, watching a movie I’d been dying to watch since I set off on my trip bonus.


After my breakfast with yet more champagne had been served, yes served with table cloth and all, I headed to the bar! where I had some more snacks on offer and I had a breakfast martini (i felt it being an appropriate drink for the time of day)


Flying Business class was amazing and if I had the money I would do it all the time and I’m now not surprised why people do like that luxury, it doesn’t feel like your on a plane at all and to top it off when you’re waiting for your baggage it comes off first as your classed as priority. I would highly recommend emirates first or business class if you would like to treat your self on your next trip away if you have some spare cash hanging around that is.




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