Living in New Zealand My Story

I’ve decided to do this blog post before I get back to writing all about the fun stuff i get up to, just so that I can explain why I’ve not being doing a lot of blog posts and videos lately. This is the truth, my story about moving to the other side of the world…

I’ve been living in New Zealand for 2 months and 14 days as of the date I’ve written this post and I have to say it’s not been the best or the funest time for me so far, it’s not quite what I was imagining.

One of the reasons for the lack of videos and blog posts is partly due to my laptop saying it has no disk space and not letting me edit videos or pictures (I’m working on different ideas to get them to you.) But the main reason has to be that I’ve just not been in the mood, I’ve felt all sorts of emotions since getting here and most of them are not good, on a 2 weekly basis I want to go home for one reason or another. People on videos and blogs make out it’s an amazing country and manage to find jobs like that and they love it and its all worked out, but for me, that’s not true…

I have managed to find a job in the last week or so but I’ve been looking since I got here running out of money so quickly, food and rent is so expensive and sitting in every day sending CV’s out going for interviews getting my hopes up time after time was getting me really down :( I decided to try and enjoy Christmas as people won’t be advertising or hiring until after the new year but there is always that looming dark cloud above.

Since being here I’ve met up with some family from my grandad’s side and they are just lovely, so warm and welcoming, they have shown me around, had me stay the weekend and even invited me to their Christmas, not only was that lovely of them but it meant I got to experience a traditional family kiwi Christmas and it has to be one of my highlights from being in New Zealand.

I also share a house with 11 other people sharing a room with 3 people, and I’ve made some amazing friends and believe me there is never a dull moment and always someone to do something with. So I guess it’s not all doom and gloom and the two happiest parts of my time here is the reason I don’t want to move on or go back home, but when I get myself so upset and stressed and feel so sick it’s hard to think of this and all I really want is my family back home.


Salsa dancing at mission bay, family Christmas (some), music in the square, drunk in the bathroom.


I now have a job in Orewa as a waitress and that is 1 1/2 hours away by bus that costs 1 hours wage, I can’t afford to live there with my friends, so for now all I can do is commute. I won’t be getting full-time hours til the end of February, I get the odd shift here and there and it’s not enough to pay rent every week but it’s nice to feel that I’m not spending all my savings on rent every week, I’m also looking for another job in the city whilst I have money coming in, so I am seeing a light at the end of the tunnel…


Swimming at mission bay, eating Mexican and buying alcohol.


I’m sorry this post is so heavy and a downer but this right now is how I feel and I wish I’d seen someone’s post like this with the true feelings and story of what it’s like to move to the other side of the world. I plan to write more of my story in the coming months I’m here to keep you updated. I’m just wanting to tell a real story, that it’s not always easy and plain sailing, it can be really rough at times but there is always something good that happens too.



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