My First Christmas Away

So I have done a few things in Auckland that happened before Christmas but I feel I should up load this before them as, well it’s no longer Christmas.


I’m going to be telling you all the things I did for Christmas and New Years in 2016, In a brand new country when I’ve never been away from my family or home before at Christmas time so here goes.

If you find yourself in Auckland, New Zealand over the Christmas period there is quite a lot to do that for most people you wouldn’t do at Christmas time, one of the reasons for this is that it’s hot during December… So beaches are a GO! and over the Christmas period I spent a lot of time at mission bay beach not that there is a huge amount to do but its the best beach in Auckland central that you can get to by bus, with good views of Rangitoto.


Another thing I’ve been enjoying doing is going to the open air cinema at silo park, this area is a nice place to visit when in Auckland anyway but watching a movie there at night with friends is a must, at Christmas they play a Christmas movie! The same day I did this I also went to Franklin Road in Ponsonby (it not too far away from silo park) this street is famous in New Zealand for a whole lot of Christmas lights!! the houses there are all decked out and look amazing, the street is full of people walking up and down looking at them and cars driving doing the same this is a must.


Look out on Urban Auckland for a full list of things to see and do in Auckland all year round but at Christmas time there is a lot more thigs going off and is free.

I also went to see the lego Christmas tree in Aotea square where every weekend in the summer (Christmass and after) they play live music for free. Another place to see live music was at Coca-Cola in the park, I didn’t go to this but apparently happens at Christmas time and is like a free festival with fireworks at the end in the Domin.


I did however go see the Santa parade, this was the best I’ve never seen a parade like this before we don’t go that big in the UK full of people dancing and dressed up, floats and giant balloons. The parade and Christmas lights were the best and id love to see them again sometime.

On Christmas eve I went to my cousins to spend Christmas with them, we all had lots of drink, fish and chips (fush and chups here in NZ) and some kiwi dip and chips (crisps) it was a really fun night and the latest I’ve ever stayed up on Christmas eve 3am nearly I could have seen Santa by accident :o  On Christma day we had a BBQ Christmas breakfast, how my dreams came true the only way it would have been better is if it was at the beach, as everyone in the UK knows people in NZ and AUZ have BBQ’s at Christmas! We then opened gifts and a huge thank you to my friends and family that sent over cards and gifts to me, I’ve never felt more grateful to have something to open at Christmas. Later that day we had a huge family Christmas dinner, turkey, gravy, pig in blankets and salads… yes I said salads that’s a new one on me too but I guess in a hot country its the done thing?  but when it came to pudding time boy I was situated right at the table for that, pavlova, trifle, waffles, brandy snaps and cream (done by me) and an amazing sugared fruit reef.


For New Years eve I got very drunk on my own as the people I was with were not drinking… but I had a blast, demolished 2 bottles of rosé by myself had a huge Mc D’s and then went to Mt Eden to watch the fireworks from the sky tower, everyone said it was a bit of a let down that there wasn’t more fireworks but I saw 2 so I’m not sure what everyone was on about…

Over all thanks to friends and family I had a blast really, I missed family obviously and it didn’t feel a lot like Christmas but I still had fun.



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