Day Trip to Waiheke island

If you’re wanting a day trip on of the hustle and bustle of the city then look no further than to Waiheke Island its the perfect place to visit on a nice day to relax and have some fun that’s not Queens Street!


Before coming to NZ I had heard all about Waiheke and knew it was a place I wanted to visit whilst I was in the city so I booked a return ferry ride and all day bus ticket to get to and from and around the island, I then also purchased an Eco Zip adventure ticket all done through STA Travel. but if you would like to get them just click on the links above now.

*Right now as of 16/01/17 fullers ferries have some hot seat deals on meaning if you travel at set times you can get a return ticket to Waiheke for just $20, they also have deals to other places too.


I had a lovely day at Waiheke, it’s always that little bit warmer than Auckland (that’s why all the winerys) so if you happen to fall on a nice day with the sun shining you can guarantee to have a fabulous time whether or not you decide to zip lining or not. I loved the zip lining and its something I would recommend and have to all my friends that visit Waiheke the time went by so quick, you got to see amazing views of the island as well as having lots of fun flying through the air. They have a complimentary pick up and drop off service from the ferry and to where ever you would like to be dropped off at. You also get a small bush walk back to the start and the guides are not only very friendly and know all about the zip lining but have a lot of knowledge about all the indigenes plants to NZ on the bush walk and it’s very informative, and no it’s not hard if I can do it anyone can believe me.

After I had finished the zip line I got dropped back off at the ferry port where I would use my hop on hop off ticket but what I didn’t realise was it included a guided tour of the island but I missed it as I didn’t realise… I spent the remainder of the glorious afternoon in the little village part of the island eating some lovely gelato and relaxing by and empty perfect looking beach.


I would love to go back at some point before I leave Auckland and check out some of walks they have there and also check out the wineries, I wish I had planned my day out better and visited some wineries then and had a meal but I still had a lovely day to say I went on my own I had so much fun.



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