Things to Do in Auckland

Ok so Auckland is a pretty big place, so I’m talking about central Auckland here I’ll do a separate post of things to do in North Auckland. So lets get on with it…

I was going to do a top whatever free things to do in Auckland but no I’ve decided to mention all the things that I personally think are worth a look, it may be free or cost but in my opinion its worth it.


One thing I recommend if your not driving is getting yourself an AT Hop card for the buses and ferries for in and around Auckland this will save you a little bit of money reducing bus fares from $3 without a hop card to $1.80 with a hop card.

1)THE SKY TOWER – $29 – $225, obviously this has to be my number one I love going up the tallest building in different countries, you get amazing 360 views of the place and that gives you some bearings of the place. there are a few things you can do at the sky tower, you can just go to the observation deck, have a meal or drink at the restaurant or cafe, do the edge walk (ill link my blog post about me doing this) or the sky jump, so there is plenty for everyone here with a wide budget range.

2)MOUNT EDEN – FREE – $3, So it turns out Mt Eden isn’t a mountain at all its a volcano… but still this is one of the must do’s in Auckland its free unless you want to get the bus there and back(Get yourself a HOP Card) it’s around a 45min walk to Mt Eden from the city and then a 10 to 15min walk up it to get the 360 views, doing both the sky tower and Mt Eden should be done then you get 2 different views of the city.


3)PARNELL ROSE GARDENS – FREE, This is one of my favorites not just because it’s within a 2-minute walk but because on a nice day you can pack a picknick and relax, have a walk around the rose gardens themselves and relax in the dove Mayer park that they are in. There is amazing view of the city and even a place to swim in the sea inlet with a beach or if you don’t fancy the sea just walk 5mins past the beach and head to the Parnell baths (outdoor swimming pools) I’ve been to the gardens a few times and it never gets boring it’s just nice to take everything in sometimes.

4)MISSION BAY BEACH – FREE, I’ve been to a lot nicer beaches than this but they are all outside of the city so if you’re wanting to stay in the city this is the best beach for you. the area itself is nice and has a 1920’s feel to the place with lots of places to eat and drink or you can take a picknick, it has a lovely view of Rangitoto and when it’s nice everyone flocks there to relax and have a cheeky drink. I’d recommend getting the bus as it is some distance from the city center itself but worth the 15min bus ride. For something else to do in the same area you can visit the sea life aquarium or walk up Michael Joseph Savage Memorial at Bastion Point.


5)MUSEUMS – $20 – $25, I put museums as the 2 I think are worth a visit if museums are your thing is the Auckland war memorial museum and the maritime museum both cost to get in but if your a resident you can get in for free by taking proof of address to the library and getting a library card. You get to know a lot about New Zealand, Auckland in particular and the mouri culture.Perfect for a rainy day activity.


6)THE DOMAIN – FREE, The domain is a large park where lots of events go off and is the home to the war memorial museum, its a good place for relaxing, walking around or doing exercise with walking tracks and sports fields it also is home to the winter gardens that is free to see lots of beautiful plants and flowers inside. again this is a good place to take a picknick and relax on a nice day if the beach isn’t your thing, it’s well worth a walk around with it being free and all.

7) THE HARBOUR FRON & SILO PARK, I haven’t put a price on this as it is free to walk around the harbour seeing the views and the sail boats as well as going to the modern silo park is free but with it being the place for top restaurants and bars you could end up spending a fortune on food and cocktails… silo park also is a hub for events with pop us food stalls and market stalls there. during the summer months silo park on Friday nights is home to the outdoor cinema for free too all you need is a blanket and a mat and your set the evening. even though this is last on my list its one of the nicer things to do with a big budget or without the choice is up to you.

Obviously there is a lot more to do in Auckland than the 7 I’ve talked about but these are things that I’ve done and I think are worth spending a little extra time in Auckland to see and do.




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