Day Trip to Piha

One of the best places to visit outside of Auckland without a doubt is Piha, the black sand beach is magnificent with tons of walks to some amazing spots all around the area.

Me and my friends decided that Piha would be a nice little road trip to do on our day off, now there is no public transport to get to Piha so you have two options you can 1) do a day trip with a company or 2) rent a car, we chose to rent a car and for the day cost us $50 split between 4 of us. This was the best solution for us as it meant we could stop off at different places along the way there and back.

PicMonkey Collage


Rent a car from USAVE we found it to be the cheapest for a day rental.

Things to pack for your day trip:

  • Sun Cream
  • Snacks/ Pack Lunch (Avoid the tourist trap food places there)
  • Water Shoes (for those waterfall walks, lots of sharp rocks and the hot black sand)
  • Towel
  • Camera!!!
  • Water
  • Change of clothing (For the drive back)
  • A Jacket

The above items are things I took for the day trip or wish I had like the water shoes, I really wish I had taken mine your feet start to hurt walking on the rocks in the waterfalls and burn so much on the black sand. My poor feet that day.

We decided that on our way to Piha Beach we would stop off to do a short walk to see a dam and a waterfall, this was a nice easy walk with some really nice views. The waterfall here was not for swimming in. we then hoped back into the car and proceeded on to Piha beach here we stopped off at a viewpoint of the beach that looked amazing! all about the Instagram. Once we got down to the beach we headed to lions rock to walk up it and check out yet more views of the beach, I’d recommend doing this but be careful on the way down there are places you may well slip as we witnessed someone doing.


there is a cafe at the beach but the prices are a bit mutch really, it is the only one we saw so that’s probably why so make sure to take a packed lunch or something. the sea was really rough and apparently, this is normal there so make sure to stay within the flags when swimming or wave jumping as we did as you couldn’t really swim. After doing some sunbathing and wave jumping and burning my poor little feet twice walking along the sand we headed for our next stop that was kitekite falls.


Again this was an easy walk to get to the falls and it was lovely, picture perfect in fact. after having a dip in the bottom of the falls and haveing some obligatory photos we then headed up to the top of the falls, this is a lot harder to walk but it really is worth it when you get to the top and see amazing turquoise pools and rocks, it looks like something out of a magazine. because of the pools at the top that were freezing but worth the dip this made kitekite falls my favorite yet.


We met another group of people who we each took photos for whilst we were there and they had brought some bubbles and glasses to have whilst they were up there and I think this was such a cool idea to do to make it extra special and get some even more amazing pictures.


before we headed back home we stopped off at another place to have views of the sea to watch the sunset this is another walk you can do but takes 2 hours there and back and we didn’t have time to do the whole walk as the gates to the car park would have been closed, so we headed to a nice spot to see the sunset and walked back.


To finish our day we stopped off at Macca’s as we were all hungry after all the walking and ate it at the look out point at the rose gardens just near where we live.

I must say that this is what I dreamed of when thinking of New Zealand and it just made me more eager to explore more of New Zealand whenI’vee finished working.




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