My New Zealand Story Update

If you haven’t read the first of my story then click here now. You can also read my story about what it was like for my first Christmas away from home and not being with family here.  Now you’re Up to date lets get on with it…

In my last post i had just gotten a job in Orewa at a bar/ restaurant called Coast, Not long after i did that post i managed to get a new job in the city like i wanted thanks to one of my housemates who already worked there.

My new job is not only in the city but a 2-minute walk from my house at the Auckland rose park hotel as a housekeeper, its full-time hours and the staff are all really friendly. I can’t thank my housemate enough for letting me know about the job, they were in need of someone so I got an interview the same day I went into hand my CV and got given the job on the spot! that weekend i gave my notice at Coast and worked the two shifts I had that weekend. Hooray, no more 1 1/2 bus rides to work and back!!!

Getting this job has meant I’ve being able to save all the money back that I had previously spent, I’ve been working 6 days a week 8 am until 3:30-4pm so the money is saving nicely, the job has no stress with it I work and come home with no worrying and has meant that I am now really enjoying my time here in Auckland. If you read my last post you will know how down and sad I was being here now that’s all in the past I haven’t had one down day since.

I’ve been out with friends going on day trips to all different places like Takapuna, Piha, Devonport to see family and night and days out going to the museum, the cinema, cocktails, and food. my life feels completely different from the last post and I’m planning to have a fabulous birthday with friends here in Auckland.

In the last blog post, i had planned to travel New Zealand in May when some friends come over now i like my job and saving I’m undecided whether to stick to the plan or work an extra month so that i can save more to do more traveling before heading home. I do still want to be home for Christmas as its just not the same but i still also want to try my luck in Canada living and working it’s so hard to decide i just don’t know if i will have the money to go home and then head back out to Canada after….



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