Im Sorry…

Firstly I would like to start by apologising for the lack of content on here my blog and on my youtube – thebeautyinsidelife. its been 2 months since I last posted a blog post and been way too long since I regularly uploaded videos, I do have a reason for both but I’m very disappointed in myself for letting my blog get so underwritten lately as I was doing so well not missing a week for nearly 2 years :(. My videos on the other had have always been hit and miss but the most annoying thing right now is that I have videos to upload I just can’t!

So my video situation has gone from bad to worce really. I have not stoped filming, ive not beeing filming everyday but when ever ive done something I have filmed it. It started by me not being able to edit my videos as my laptop has no disk space left to exsport them after editing even when adding an exsternal… im not a computer exspert. so i went around begging to use other peoples laptops, I managed to edit and exsport one video this way as my friend needed her laptop back and it was apple movie editor so I had to try and learn on the go as well as both me and my friend spending around 30mins figuring out where it had been exsported to and then saving it on a USB stick that would work with that saving format.

I had just started asking people to use their laptops again to edit the rest of my videos before I get on the move again when I descovered that my exsternal hard drive with all my futage on has decided to no longer work… I am told I can go somewhere to get someone to retrive everything but that costs money I dont have right now so thats at least 4 videos that may or may not come out in 2018 when I get home :/ …

Oh and just to add to all my technical dificulties sorounding my videos the wifi isnt the best in my place and with a lot of people using it all the time to video call and stream and whatever els people missing home do it took me 5 hours to upload my last video that was under 2mins long and I am currently waiting for another one to upload to youtube as I type and I have been for the last 8 hours and its not even at 50% yet so im starting to think that someone up there doesnt want me to do my videos anymore :(

I really enjoy doing my videos and my blog posts once I get into it and do things I think are worth showing and telling you all about so I just hope I find a way to sort this soon.



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