My birthday 2017

So I was going to do all the next blog posts as one long one but I decided that they all deserve their own post each so this No 1. My Birthday

My Birthday

PicMonkey Collage

First of all, since I last wrote I’ve had my birthday! and I had such a blast with all my friends, I went up north a little to see Sophie and Luke my friends from back home and we spent the day together going for pancakes and bacon, feeding wild sting rays, eating cheese and eating cake and after a full day of fun we headed into the city to meet up with my housemates to have cocktails and a meal! to finish off the night I sat and had a face mask with some housemates that couldn’t make it to the meal.

PicMonkey Collage2

Need to know places:

Feed the stingrays at Gulf Harbor, you can buy a bag of frozen fish from the shop there to feed them or use peas and carrots they seemed to like that too.

A cheap and lovely meal right on the waterfront at the harbor in the city is jack tar where I went for my birthday meal. 

Dr. Rudies is a cool rooftop cocktail bar with really good sunset views of the harbor in the city, it also has a free bowling alley inside. 


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