Tuesday pub quiz night

Tuesday pub quiz night

This is a recent thing that I’ve started attending, after meeting up with a friend here in NZ that I met in Singapore she invited me to a pub quiz with her and two of her friends. We had wine and really good food as well as coming 2nd to last… I know what your thinking that’s no good! but oh how wrong are you, when coming 2nd to last you get a $20 voucher for the pub so that means a round of drinks is free! always a winner in my books and to top it off we all stayed right till the end and got a free huge $7 doughnut each for free! Needless to say, I went back the following week. The company was also really nice… ok better than nice they are all really friendly and down to earth people that I seem to get on with really well and even if we didn’t come 2nd to last or get a free doughnut I would still go back with them. But anyhoo the following week we got yet another free doughnut and got yet another $20 voucher so it’s now my Tuesday night thing to do. I’m so happy I got invited :)

PicMonkey Collage2

Here is where it’s at:



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