Bay of Islands


Using the Kiwi Experience I made my way from Auckland to Paihia (Bay of Islands) we had a short stop to see a waterfall along the way. I arrived around midday and the weather was not very good, raining all afternoon and extremely cold. I stayed in the base hostel using my base jumping pass so that I could save some of my money, now as far as base hostels go they are never  very good but the pipi patch hostel was ok it just felt like an old seaside motel, there may be better ones around but the pipi patch was stayable and in reasonable good location for the 3 nights I was there.

Day 1 – The first full day

The Kiwi Experience pass I had included Cape Reinga day trip so that’s what I did but you can buy the ticket separately and I would recommend doing so it was well worth it. It was yet another early morning starting at 7:15 am heading off to the very north of the end of the world as the Kiwis say, depending on the tides the day will go in different orders we started off with the 90 mile beach driving along the beach for around 30 – 45 minutes, this is technically a highway so you can drive along all the way to the end but it all depends on the tides. We had time to get off the bus on the beach and just stretch our legs a little, the next stop was probably my favourite and that was the sand dunes and trying some sand boarding (check out the video below if you haven’t already) there are different heights you can do and I only did the smaller one  not totally because I was chicken but mainly because its hard work trying to climb the dunes believe me! but still, a lot of fun if your pretty fit to keep going back for more.

PicMonkey Collagejjj

The next stop was, of course, Cape Reinga and  make sure to have your camera ready as there are some amazing views on the way up to the lighthouse where the Pacific and Taz man sea meet, we couldn’t see the difference but it was bad weather out at sea and only came sunny for us when we were off the bus luckily! The next stop for us was the kauri tree swamp place… basically, a place that makes things out of the old perfectly preserved kauri trees that are found in swamps nearby and is really expensive. Then on to food, fish and chips under an old volcano with clear waters and my god was it good food we were starved waiting until 2:30 pm for lunch. our last and final stop was the kauri tree forest, they were not the biggest kauri trees in New Zealand but it was the biggest area of them in a forest in New Zealand. The day trip is a full day going until 5:30 pm and the guides are fun and very informative, the fish and chips are included in the price.


Hostel: Base Pipip Patch
Must Do: CapeReingaa Day Trip
Tip’s: Take a sandwich on the trip to keep the hunger at bay
Camera: Olympus Pen & Go Pro Hero 5



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