Hot Water Beach


Today was the day I got on the large Kiwi Bus and headed south first stop Hot Water Beach, We stopped at a town called Thems (because it has a river that looks like the river themes apparently) on the was to get some food to cook at the hostel or to get some dinner on the way I chose to eat fish and chips on the hostel/ campsite and that is the only place to eat there too.

Once we arrived at hot water beach we checked into a very nice holiday park type thing with nice little cabins for rooms, in summer I believe you get different options to stay glamping or something, we headed down to Cathedral Cove Its a 30 min walk down hill.. means you have to walk back uphill on the way back, but it is a nice place and would have been much better if the tide was out and not it getting me soaked from the knees down… The sun started setting on my way back to the bus and it’s actually really nice views when walking back.
Because of the time of year and the day and the sea, in general, we couldn’t go dig holes in the sand to get hot water until 10:00 – 10:30 pm by wich time I had eaten a really good and large fish and chips may I add and was freezing,
so yes I chickened out and had a hot shower and went to bed instead of digging a hole in the cold.


Hotel: Top 10 Holiday Park
Tip’s: Wrap up warm… really warm in winter
Camera: Olympus Pen & iPhone



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