After stopping at Paeroa the place L&P was created for a coffee we headed down to Waitomo stopping for a nice walk at some old gold mining railway tracks into the mountains, Once we arrived I had around 1hour to wait before I could start my caving and rafting in the glow worm caves, unfortunately by the time it came to my group going in there was a huge power cut and we couldn’t get any pictures this made me really sad but still, the experience was out of this world.

Just going to say now it is the middle of winter when I’m doing this and we had to put on cold wet, wet suits and then go into a cold dark cave with freezing water running through and walk through it, jump in it and float around in our dingies, but if you forget the cold and the scary fast rushing water it was really fun and laying in a line looking up at all the glow worms was such an amazing thing to have seen and done. the guides did bring snacks and warm drinks to keep us warm as we were down there for an hour and a half at least and they were well knowledgeable about the caves and glow worms in them and made the evening so fun. by the time we had finished our tour and came out of the cave it was pitch black and I didn’t even realize I was outside at first.
after we had finished and quickly removed the wetsuits to get warm showers, the girls having to run in the men’s showers as the women were not hot because of the power cut, we had hot soup and toasted bagels to warm ourselves up. everyone gets this
if you’ve done a caving activity. The group and I headed back to the hostel where I and another girl had been upgraded as our key cards wouldn’t work in the first room and got a double bed and bathroom to our selfs, score!

Hostel: Kiwi Paka
Must Do: Waitomo Glow Worm Caves (Rafting)
Tip’s: Bring a towel and warm clothing for after



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