Lake Mahinapua

I have missed a few stops out from my last post at River Vally down to Wellington for the night then across on the ferry to the south island down to the Able Tasman national park where unfortunately due to the weather we couldn’t do the activities on offer there, down to small place called Westport not much there again but the hostel had free high-speed wi-fi and that’s always a bonus and that brings us to this blog post you are reading and that’s Lake Mahinapua.

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Now I’m not going to lie but Lake Mahinapua wasn’t on my high expectations list when it came to the kiwi bus and when we got told it was $50 for the night including food that I’m not keen of with no other choice and you had to pay it whether you ate the food or not made it less attractive. But boy was I wrong!

When you arrive it looks just like a pub on the side of the road with nothing much else around but to the right, you have the beach just a minute walk and the left across the road you have the most amazing mirror lake. We arrived just in time for sun set and as I’ve seen lots of beach sun sets I opted to go to the lake, even though you can see the sun go down as it’s in the opposite direction, in my opinion, it’s the best place to head to see the sun set. You get immense views of the southern Alps and Mt Cook reflected in this black lake and with the sun setting they change from white to amazing yellows, oranges, purples and pinks and its one of the best views I’ve seen.

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After the sun set you had an option to make your own jade stone key ring or jewelry, as the jade stone is found in the area it’s a good thing to do, this costs $20 to do and it’s so easy, the guy that does it is super friendly and helpful. I made a little kiwi bird to remember my time in New Zealand.

So for the $50 you get a nice little cabin room with just four people in with the nicest bedding I’ve had in a hostel you get free use of the new hot tubs, you get your evening meal plus a free shot and then you get breakfast in the morning including all you can eat pancakes and bacon. All in all, it quickly turned into one of my highlights of the trip and I would recommend anyone to go do it or stay there if you’re not on the kiwi bus.



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