Frans Joseph

From my last blog post stop onwards the places got more and more beautiful with even better activities.

Frans Joseph is the home to the Frans Joseph glacier and we had 2 days here to make sure we get to do the activities and lucky for us our driver was on the ball and made sure we left early on the day we arrived as the day after was forecast torrential rain so he made sure we go there really early to be able to do the glacier hike. This was one of the best things I’ve ever done and well worth every penny, not many people can say they have hiked for three hours on a glacier and you do it in style too you get up and down by helicopter, I mean come on that’s two things ticked off the list by just doing that plus you get free entry into the hot pools afterwards too.

PicMonkey Collagel

So the next day, sure enough, it was downpouring all day long so this was definitely a well-needed laundry day and video editing catch up day until around 2:30 pm then me and a few other people went and used our free hot pool ticket and socked in there keeping warm for a few hours before heading back and stopping at the shop for food on the way back.

PicMonkey Collage

the town is really small and so easy to direct around the place just a short walk and your where you need to be in any direction. The hostel we stayed at was called rainforest retreat and I would so recommend it, very clean it comes with straighteners in the bathrooms and you can upgrade to smaller rooms with tea and coffee making facilities in the room.



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