Wanaka was a lovely little place that I would have loved to have spent more time in, it made me think I was in a beautiful ski village.

We arrived in Wanaka late afternoon and my only mission I had was to find that Wanaka tree that’s all over Instagram and I did but got lots along the way as it got dark rather quick, plus the tree wasn’t in water but still I got the picture.


I had dinner at a burrito van just up the road from the base hostel I was staying in and boy was it good id definitely check that out if you’re in Wanaka at any point.

After i ate that was basically it as I didn’t go out drinking what a surprise, but the next day we headed to the puzzling world of Wanaka, it was pretty good really we got a discount as we were on the kiwi bus and I don’t think I would pay full but for the discounted rate it was good to kill an hour or so.

PicMonkey Collagen

We then went on to travel to Queens Town stopping at a fruit stall along the way and I got to try some golden kiwi fruits and they are pretty nice, but that’s all from Wanaka check out the next post about Queens Town for more.




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