Queens Town Day 1

In my last post about Wanaka, I said about how it looked like a ski village well little did I know that queens town was even more like a ski village especially as I was there in winter and everyone was skiing.

We arrived early afternoon to queens town so a few of us headed up to do the lugeing we got a kiwi price of 4 rides for $45 including the gondola up to the top of the mountain. We rushed all the way up and all around the track to get our 4 rides in as they were shutting at 5 pm and said we could maybe get 3 rides in as it was really busy, we got all 4!

The Lugeing if you’re not familiar with this is basically a go cart that you go full pelt down the mountain, avoiding obstacles and under tunnels, you can go slower and stop with your handles just to point out, you don’t have to go fast but it is all part of the fun. My goodness was it fun the best go cart style thing I’ve ever done I’m not normally a fan I find them boring as I crash all the time but not this, you get amazing views on the way down just to add to the excitement. I nearly came out of my cart on one bend as I didn’t slow down trying to beat one of the guys I was with, then on a hill, I came flying over and my stomach was in my mouth I had that roller coaster feeling!

PicMonkey Collagep

Just in case anyone didn’t get it I would definitely recommend doing the Lugeing!

For the rest of the night we went to have our last meal together as a kiwi bus family at the red rock and had ribs, chicken wings and chips it was ok but I was still pretty hungry afterward you didn’t get a lot for your money really. The next day I had to be up early so I went back to the hostel after this.



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