Queens Town Days 2 and 3

So I am going to fit a lot into this post as I did do a lot on both days in queens town, however, im getting very behind with my posts so I need to find a way to play catch up so here goes.

On a technical day 2, I didn’t do too much at all apart from eating as I was supposed to do a sky dive but it got canceled so ill start on the day 2 that I actually did something….

As you would have gathered by now first thing in the morning I jumped out of a plane and I can’t even begin to tell you how breathtakingly quit literally beautiful it was! I did my sky dive with NZone sky diving and I went big if you’re only going to do it once you may as well go for the big one, it is slightly nerve racking with how long they make you wait around, getting weighed in and filling forms out then driving you to then jump site and sitting and waiting to get suited and booted to wait for the plane to come back around all in all your waiting around a good hour. When you finally get ready and you see the plane the fun just starts to kick in, in my head, I was like oh shit I really am doing this as we got higher and higher and my tandem guy kept telling me how much more 1000 feet we had to go. Taking that jump when you’ve watched everyone else jump is like oh Jesus and I literally screamed that for maybe 2 seconds and then you look around and it’s the best sight you have ever seen, and I mean I’m sure every sky dive is amazing with the views but not lie I think queens town is the best place to do it. Seeing bright sun on a clear day with white topped mountains and blue lakes it really is remarkable I would recommend anyone to do this once in their life time somewhere in the world if not queens town.

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My action packed day didn’t end there, after the sky dive I headed straight to the Shotover building to go to do the Shotover jet boat ride, this was super fun but during winter not the best to enjoy in summer I can see it being amazing but in winter all I was thinking about was how cold my head was and it felt like I had brain freeze! That’s before he splashed us with freezing cold water. It was still a thrilling experience none the less and really made an already extraordinary day even more out of this world as far as a normal day goes.

To top my day off completely by the time I got back to queens town the queue for the famous Ferg burger had gone down a lot and I said to my self as a treat for surviving the day I would get a Ferg so that’s what I did, I got the Ferg deluxe with a side of chips and aioli and boy was I stuffed its way too much for one person but I managed it, you definitely need comfy clothes on and a fizzy drink to go with this… its world famous for a reason it was amazing but my favourite will always be TGI Fridays but that’s me.


Day 3 was another day for adrenalin activities for me this one I was actually not looking forward to, now I was but then I did a bungee jump in south Africa and it all changed! but it was the day for my canyon swing luckily for me I found a nice old women that wanted to do it together with me so I couldn’t chicken out and I picked how we went off the edge so we got suspended and then they cut the rope so I didn’t have to do the jumping! and it was really fun when the swing kicked in but until that point, it felt just like the bungee and I think I swore…. a lot. But guys again go jump off the Shotover canyon its a lot of fun when you get into it!

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