Milford, Bluff, Duneden

So I’m putting all the stops from the deep south tour into one post as we didn’t spend too much time in any one place and is definitely part of the tour you would be better spending more time.

Our first stop was, of course, milford sound this was a very long day with an even longer drive, we had a few stops that were really pretty but I can’t for the life of me remember what they were called but I’m sure every Milford tour do the same stops! one of the stops we got to see the kea parrot that is super camera friendly may I add. then onto the main attraction that was Milford and it was nice, I can’t say I think it was the best places I’ve been I mean it was beautiful but the weather wasn’t brilliant but it’s like that most times you have to be really lucky to get a sunny day there. From here we headed to Invercargill where we spent the night and saw nothing of it…

PicMonkey Collagev

PicMonkey Collages

The next morning was onto bluff where we got to see a few things went looking for seals but we just didn’t see any then onto a waterfall that wasn’t that amazing just because I’ve seen a lot of good ones though, and the best stop for me was seeing the yellow eyes penguins we only got to see a couple but I got to see them in the wild! my favorite stop by far.

PicMonkey Collaged

Onto Dunedin the Edinborough of New Zealand and my was it just like Edinborough if I didn’t know I was in NZ I would definitely believe I was in Scotland, again we didn’t have much time here but we managed to have a quick look around during the next morning, part of the trip was to go to the steepest street in the world and I wasn’t planning on going up but I did and I made it to the very top and I was so pleased with myself!

PicMonkey Collage

Basically, that’s where the tour finishes you don’t really stop anywhere else, so like I said at the start I think you need more time at the stops as you don’t get much time at all really.

PicMonkey Collagei



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