Melbourne Day2

For Melbourne, I dint have to sort a thing I literally went on to YHA’s website and found a combo deal with 3 nights accommodation, penguin parade tour on Philip Island, the great ocean road day trip and a sky tower ticket. It worked out perfectly as both trips included meals too. Both tours were really fun and informative.

Philip Island Penguin Parade.

Started off at a koala sanctuary that had a lot more other animals such as wallabies and kangaroos that you can also feed as I did, very fun and cute! There was one little albino wallaby that was a little bully eating all the food making the others eat from the floor!!! Here you also get a sandwich, biscuits, tea, and coffee for lunch. (the same tour company but not quite as good as the previous tour) Some other stops to the penguins included a chocolate factory a beach and a science research center, I felt most of the stops were to kill time and were not that good apart from the research center as you got to find out lots about penguins and other animals in Antarctica. From there on to the main event that was the little penguins (fairy penguins) To get a good spot be ready to wait over an hour it can be very cold so wrap up warm and grab a hot drink and snaks, go to the very front at the right hand side on both sides are penguin walkways so you have a better chance of seeing them up close if your at the front right!

*Unfortunately you are not allowed to take videos or pictures of the penguins. :( But some people will try and get in your view just to get one.

BeFunky Collage

Hostel: YHA Melbourne metro

Tour Company: Autopia

Check out Day 1 here 


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