Perth Day 1

Today I had a full day free to roam around the city and see what it had to offer. As it turns out the city is a nice place to roam around and just have a wonder but not lots to do so I headed out to Freemantle, a lovely old yellow looking seaside town with lots to see and do. $6 Single ticket (cheaper to get single than a return) on the train that runs every 15mins. I opted to check out the prison and do a tour as it came recommended from a friend this cost $21 for the tour that lasts around 1 hour and is very informative and interesting.

BeFunky Collage1

After the prison, I went and had a look around the Freemantle markets here there is lots to buy, food, gifts or just to have a look around like I did. Head to grab some food and go sit around the waterfront or the park next to it if its a nice day, its a lovely place to relax and wander around checking out the cannon and such in the area. There is also a free shipwreck museum you can check out here too.

Hostel: Hive hostel – Good location and cheap but very dirty and run down.

To do: Walk around the city and head to Freemantle.



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