Perth Day 2

Today I went to see just what I came to Perth to see and that’s the pinnacle desert! That’s a huge desert with large and small rock formation coming out of the sand and its the only place in the world with them above ground like this.

Information about the tour I did.

The tour cost me $150 for a full day tour with Travel Western Australia tours and its voted No.1 on trip advisor and I can see why the amount of good quality food you get on this trip is next to none and the activities are just a bonus really.

You start the trip with some free fruit and biscuits for breakfast as its an early start, the first stop is a national park to see wild kangaroos and koalas as well as morning brunch. This was the best meal of the day by far with tea, coffee, hot cholate and juices to drink and then a cheese and meat board with crackers and jams spreads along with fruit. Along to the next stop that was white sand dunes to do sand boarding, now I’ve done this in NZ check it out here but I did it differently here not played down but sat down on a snowboard type of thing very fun yet again. The next stop is quite a drive away but you get lots of info on the way and the next stop is at a beach for lunch here in the summer you have time to have a swim or relax on the beach but in the winter its a tad cold. Lunch was assorted loaves of bread and sandwich fillings along with fruit.

BeFunky Collage

On to the main attraction that was the pinnacle desert what was a short 10-minute drive from the lunch spot. As I said at the start of this post they are the only ones in the world that are exposed like this and no one knows quite how they have formed it’s all just guesswork but check out the video below of how they got explained to me. it’s actually amazing place they just go on for miles and it’s so yellow.


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