Partying in Bali

Bali well what can I say I have no clue what happened!!! I turned into the biggest party animal ever, people that know me even just a little will know I don’t like partying at all I hate nightclubs and if I have to party its a house party, I just prefer a quieter setting when I drink like a girls night in or out for a meal not clubbing. But I can honestly say I had the best time ever! I enjoyed every minute and it’s all because of the people I met there that are now solid friends.

I met two girls that were so hung over thought I was one of the girls they went out with the night before and invited me out again and you know what? I’m so glad they did! So we three girls a Californian surfer dude and two Spanish guys hit the clubs. I ended up changing all my plans of sightseeing in Bali to stick with these beautiful ladies that absolutely made my trip. When Jaisie left to go to the gilly islands I stuck with Casey until she left 3 days before me and even with just the two of us we met some brilliant people and continued to party it up and have a good time.

The best place to party in Kuta:
Sky Gardens – 5pm-9pm All you can eat and drink alcohol for $15!! Once its done head to another bar that’s cheaper if you still want more drinks.

BeFunky CollageI’m not going to go into detail about what happened on the nights out, they were fun and such a laugh, id be quite happy to tell anyone in person I have some of the best memories ill never forget from the nights we had, however, I don’t think you’ll all be interested in a huge blog post of stories of drunken girls and boys… If you would like some insight then check out my Bali video below as I did record some of the night’s escapades.




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