Alice Spring’s to Uluru

I originally flew in from Bali to Darwin and then had a flight to Alice Springs and back up to Darwin by tour. I’m going to give a quick rundown of how it all went and the things you may want to know.

Firstly I booked this tour through YHA again so it came with pre and post tour accommodation, but it is a really nice hostel if you’re looking for somewhere in Alice Springs. A shuttle bus from the airport to the YHA is $13 one way.

The tour I did is called the rock tour and its a 3 day 2 night trip with a guide, meals, and entrance fees. The main attraction being… you’ve guessed it Uluru but you do stop at a few other cool canyons and such along the way. This tour was a more budget style as it was camping in swags but I’m sure there are plenty of tour offering hotel rooms but they will be a lot more. You get to sleep around an open fire and get to see the nights sky in all its glory, with no light pollution you can see the milky way and shooting stars with ease.

You get plenty of time to spend at Uluru with a 2hour walk around the base, going to the information center and a culture talk from your guide. Eating dinner whilst watching the sun set over Uluru and then again in the morning eating breakfast watching the sunrise, you definitely get your fill of Uluru.

BeFunky Collage

After spending a full day at Uluru your on to your next camp spot with stops along the way to take pictures and do a 4-hour walk at Kata Tjuta, if you don’t have sunstroke like I did! you then stop to collect firewood for the cam that night, turns out I’m not a brilliant hunter-gatherer type of person… This night you help cook the food on the open fire without burning yourself hopefully.

The final day after breakfast you head to kings canyon, here again, there is a long walk but I opted for the short one as the long walk didn’t turn out so well the day before. Plus its 30mins of uphill climbing rocks, no thank you. After the walk you head to a camel farm where you can ride them if you like, I don’t like them so I didn’t plus you have to pay, the final stop was the welcome to Alice Springs sign for a group picture.

That night we all went out the, the rock bar for a group meal and it was really good food and cheap $10 for a meal and it was large.

Things to know/bring

  • Lots of warm layers for the night.
  • Sleeping bag.
  • Lots of water. (do not listen to them the water is not good to drink!)
  • Marshmallows for toasting on the fire
  • Some Snacks

The rest of the things they will tell you to bring plus its pretty obvious to bring sun cream, camera, hat etc..



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