Cairns The Great Barrier Reef

Id just like to state that this post in no way bigs up the Great Barrier Reef in any way as it was a huge disappointment for me and just wasn’t that great!

I opted not to stay at smugglers cove in Cairns as I was told it was a huge party hostel and that’s just not for me at all so I stayed at the Global backpackers, I was recommended this by some friends along the way but since then I’ve met people that hated it there but I had no issue.

the first stop for me was to get things booked and sorted, with limited time on the east coast I could sit and wait around to book everything a night before. Next door was a happy travel so I headed in there and booked the great barrier reef trip along with the rest of the things I wanted to do on my way down to Sydney.

BeFunky Collage2

The boat trip to the reef was with a company called down under, you got lots of tea and coffee along with biscuits on arrival and then a hot bbq lunch mainly fish no surprise… and before coming back to shore you get cheese, crackers and a glass of wine (warm goon) no drinks such as pop or juice were included just tea and coffee at set times. You got to go to 2 diving spots or snorkel like me included or extra to dive, and everything else was all extra like the semi-sub $10, helicopter etc… The

The tour its self-was good apart from no juice to drink but it wasn’t the worst boat trip I’ve ever been on however the main part of the tour the Great barrier reef was a huge let down it looks nothing like it does on the pictures its dying even though one person on the boat said it wasn’t another said it was they just want you to tell people it’s not so people keep coming, this is true as one of the staff said that since it’s been said it’s dying each year they get less and fewer people come for the tours! I can honestly say I’ve seen much better Corel and different types of fish in Egypt, as well as other countries, ive dived or snorkeled, Nemo isn’t even there, they’ve all been taken for peoples aquariums!!! Rant over it’s easy for me to say this now

Rant over its easy for me to say this now I guess as I’ve done it, ticked off my list, however, this is some peoples dream I just want you to know it’s not worth the prices they charge and it doesn’t look like the pictures.



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