Magnetic Island

Just like most things apparently, this part of the trip was booked through YHA id really recommend checking them out for deals. The pack included for me was return ferry tickets, 2 nights at the YHA bungalow bay right next door to the koala sanctuary with entrance plus a picture with a koala, wallaby food and 1 pint of beer or cider.

* If your coming by Grayhound the ferry terminal is the bus stop for Townsville.

If you don’t stay at YHA there is a base that offers a similar deal you just have to get a bus to the koala place. Plus YHA is in much better location. No matter where you stay the koala place is well worth a visit the ticket includes being able to hold most of the animals, the only way you get to hold a koala is by buying a photo before you go in I think its an extra $18 just do it they are so fluffy and cute! Instead of me listing all the animals you get to hold here are all the pictures.

BeFunky Collage

At 4pm at the YHA they do bird feeding, so you get a lump of wet bread in your hand and get attacked by 1000’s no joke of brightly colored red and green parrots. bring earplugs because they are so friking noisy, but it is really fun to do.


Another thing to do on the island is the forts walk, the start of the trail is just 20 minutes from the hostel if you’re staying at YHA and it’s fairly easy I was able to do it and enjoy the sunset and koalas at the end. The koalas are wild and very, very close to you in the trees so you don’t even need zoom may I add that’s the reason I think the walk is a must!

*A tip do the trail for sunset because you get a good view and the koalas are awake and eating at that time.

BeFunky Collage2

There is lots more walks on the island as well as some really good places to go snorkeling but the best way to get to do everything is by renting a car on the island lots of people do it in groups to save money and its recommended to do, they all look like barbie cars by the way.

Recomnded Day:

  • Do the morning koala park tour first.
  • Have a walk around check out some snorkeling or walking trails.
  • Come back to YHA for 4pm for bird feeding.
  • Do the forts walk after and be at the end for sunset.
  • Head back and claim your free cider if you did the package.



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