Whitsunday’s Airly Beach

If you’re coming from the greyhound, cheapest and easiest way if your a solo traveler, the closest hostel to the station is the YHA. No, I’m not paid to keep mentioning them I wish they just so happen to be my favorite brand of hostel.

From the YHA it is a 30-minute walk to the marina where all the Whitsunday trips start from. I Did a 2 day 1-night sailing trip, it was a fun experience I enjoyed sleeping on a sailboat and the food was amazing, however again some disappointment with the sea just like the great barrier reef it wasn’t what I hoped for. I will say that they recently had

I will say that they recently had really bad weather issues, hotels on the islands had to be rebuilt, that bad so I understand that the sea quality will not be that clear for a long while I just wish you got told that when booking.

BeFunky Collage

I wouldn’t completely write this one off as I did see a turtle and there are a lot of fish in one area so if you want to do this trip I’m not going to say its a waste of money because it was still fun, the atmosphere of people on the boat was really fun and seeing the milky way and shooting stars while laid in a hammock rocking away on a sailboat was really magical. I have to give it to Australia on one thing, their sunsets are beautiful, the best in the world for sure.

*I made a friend later down the lines that did the flight over the Whitsundays and my god did that look amazing if you can do both amazing go for it but if you can only do one I think I would honestly say the flight over, I’ve never seen anything like it before.

Top Tip’s

  • Get a waterproof cover/ case for your phone! I’m really good with mine but it nearly broke as I sat it down on a dry spot and water splashed onto it!
  • Take some drinks, Alcohol or pop.
  • you only need swimwear, a cover-up and warm clothing for the night.


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