Fraser Island

I did the 3day 2night self-drive nomads tour, included pre and post accommodation at Nomads. It was a self-drive but opted not to drive as I’m no way enough of a confident driver to be driving all over soft sand and dunes.

For me personally, I don’t think I would have really enjoyed it as much as I did if it wasn’t for the people I met on this trip they really made it! Not that it wasn’t a good trip as it was you got to see a lot such as the shipwreck, the champaign pools, Eli’s creek this was a natural lazy river that you could also drink from, lake McKenzie and lake Wwabby. We were also lucky enough to see wild dingos, from a safe distance and see the milky way and shooting stars on a night time, the sand is freezing on a night thereby the way. I also opted to sleep in a tipi this was pretty cool and more added to my camping list I guess.

BeFunky Collage1

If you can do the flight over the island you get it at a discounted rate of $60 for 15minutes and you miss nothing by doing it, I didn’t do it but just about everyone else did and they said it was amazing, and all the rest of us did was sunbathe and missed out on some remarkable aerial views.

One thing I didn’t like about the trip was the meals, they were ok don’t get me wrong but we were rationed, so me being me and not liking a lot of food I could have extra of one thing because I didn’t have something else and the guide watched to make sure! really not fair to us fussy eaters who don’t like everything one meal I would have been happy with 6 potatoes and gravy instead of mixed vedge and steak but no I was only allowed my 3 potatoes like everyone else.

Top Tips

  • Bring warm clothing if you’re in the Tipi it still gets cold in there.
  • Bring a sleeping bag.
  • Bring snacks and alcohol, Nomads said we couldn’t as there is a bar but once we got to the hostel site they said you could buy some from the hostel/hotel shop!



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