Australia Travel

Everything you may need to know about Australiaย and all my blog posts will all be in this post, full of hits and tips and of course my own personal opinion.



Quick round up of Australia, It’s not for me. There are some really nice places like Melbourne, Perth, Alice Springs, Darwin, and Sydney, but the east coast is just a backpacker/tourist trap and everything is way overpriced for how good it actually is and this really let Australia down in my opinion. The east coast is so hyped and bigged up and it’s honestly nothing special.

Citys visited in Australia (Click for Blog Posts.)

  1. Sydney, 1,2,3,4,5,6
  2. Brisbane
  3. Melbourne, 1,2
  4. Perth, 1,2
  5. Darwin
  6. Alice Springs
  7. Cairns
  8. Townsville – Magnetic Island
  9. Airly Beach – Whitsundays
  10. Noosa – Fraser Island
  11. Byron Bay


Most solo travelers like myself or people that just don’t want to be driving all day and night will most likely use the greyhound to hop on and off at destinations. There are deals all over Australia for a hop on hop off pass or you can sort it beforehand there all around the price. The seats are comfortable and you have lots of leg room, the seat recline way back more than a plane and you get USB charge ports and free wifi, I was quite happy with the greyhound for my travel along the east coast.

Hostels I stayed at: Global Backpackers, YHA Magnetic Island, YHA Airly Beach, YHA Brisbane, Arts Factory hostel, Wake up!



There are 3 major players when it comes to Australia and hostels you have Base, Nomads, and YHA. Depending on what you are after could mean the difference of a pleasant stay and good nights sleep when picking your hostel. Base and Nomads are well known for being party hostel’s, and in my experience not very clean and full of young drunk inconsiderate people, but if that’s your thing go wild. YHA is more up my street they are known for being very quite hostels, I’ve met people that don’t like staying at YHA’s because there’s no bar or party going off. Personally, I’ve found that they area little bit more than Nomads and Base but much cleaner, much more modern, and normally in a good location, and no parties or drunk people so you get a good nights sleep.

If you plan on staying at YHA’s buy the year membership as you get a discount when staying at both YHA’S in Australia and New Zealand and HI’s in USA and Canada as well as discounts for different things in the countries, for example with your card you get 25% off Greyhound in Canada.

Hostels I’ve been in and would recommend:

  • Wake up! Sydney
  • YHA Melbourne Metro
  • Frogshollow Backpackers Darwin
  • YHA Alice Springs
  • YHA Bungalow bay Magnetic Island
  • YHA Airly Beach
  • YHA Brisbane
  • Arts Factory Hostel Byron Bay


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