Vancouver Day 2

For Vancouver I had some recommendations from a friend of things to see, do and places to eat and they were all very good suggestions as I did everything and I’m going to share them with you.

The first place you should head for a cheap, quick breakfast is Tim Hortons, no joke this place is my new favorite ever coffee shop! Geta bagel and a coffee for $3-$4 depending on the coffe and bagle you get. My love right now is a small ice cap and a cheese and chive toasted bagel with plain cream cheese, just in case you wanted to know what I’m eating at Tims.

Enough of food, for now. You can do this before breakfast or after but head over to Canada place to the information center, luckily it’s just across the road, anyway get a ticket for Grouse mountain and hop on the next available shuttle free of course. Grouse mountain is really good you head up by cable car or walk it for 45minutes it looks a lot longer than that in my opinion but who knows I definitely did not walk it up. Once you’re up there you can head all the way to the summit, see some rescued bears, watch a lumberjack show, go on a wildlife walk and much more depending on the season. and its all included in your ticket. I spent a good few hour up there doing all of the above including seeing wild dear but like I said depending on the season you may get to see more.

BeFunky Collagel

From Grouse mountain get the public transport bus down to Capilano or walk it’s up to you and the time you have, here I bought my ticket to get in with my student ID to get a discount but I was also told if you go in after 5pm you get cheaper entrance fee as it shuts at 6:30pm .

The Capilano suspension bridge sits over the Capilano River in the midst of 1000’s of trees with walkways and canopies all intertwined from the floor to the tops of the trees and is well worth a visit, there is also a walkway that sits alongside cliff edge with section of it being glass and metal with holes to see below. There are tours to see wildlife here depending on the time but I think the last one is around 4pm so I missed that so just walked around the trees and I them for a good 2 hours.

BeFunky Collagei

To get back to the city simply get on the free shuttle back to Canada place, from there head to the spaghetti factory in the Gastown area, this place has really good food and again is cheap, with any main meal purchase around $12 to $15 cheapest to most expensive, you get warm bread with plain and garlic whipped butter, a starter of soup or salad, your main and then ice cream and coffee or tea to finish all for the cost of your main meal! and the meals are huge by the way. I headed here around 7pm and had to wait 30 minutes for a table so that shows you how good it is that its so busy and people were waiting that long.



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