Now I had already fallen in love with Canada, but once I got to Banff I was in awe it was so picture perfect words cannot describe how perfect this place looked.

The hostel I stayed at in Banff was the Banff international hostel it was just a short walk from the Greyhound/train station and had a really good free breakfast and wifi.

I was so sad to only have 1 full day here but boy did I make the most of it, I was up at 7am to get my free breakfast and to head out to the train station to get the 8am free shuttle to Lake Louise. the shuttles run every hour. Below is how you get to Lake Louise from the train station using the free shuttles as it is a lot of hopping off and on at places and there are ques, I waited for 45mins to get a free shuttle to Moraine Lake and I pushed in front of 2 buses as they wanted 1 passenger on their own, and they come every 15minutes.

Banff Train station > Lake Louise Village > Lake Louise car park > Lake Louise or Moraine Lake.

My first stop was Moraine Lake and I have never nor will I ever see a more beautiful lake until I get to Jasper maybe but that’s a different blog post, but believe me its the most beautiful lake you have ever seen.

BeFunky Collageb

After spending time at the Lake I went back to Banff town to do some things in the town, now I wish I had managed to do more but the wait for the lake meant I was behind on time. I had a wander around the most perfect looking town and had a short 30min walk to the bow falls, now they’re not as good as Huka falls in New Zealand but the scenery down there reminded me of Yosemite national park and was just beautiful.

BeFunky Collagev

For food I went to a place to a place called Beever Tails and guess what I had, a beavertail this is a must try if your a sweet tooth like myself, its like a large deep fried flat doughnut sort of with a topping of choice I went for maple as I was in Canada and was trying a Canadian food.

Some things to do that I missed out on doing in Banff is the gondola up sulpher mountain and the cave and basin, that is the reason Banff became the first national park in Canada.

*Just a side note I have been told that the shuttles are only free for 2017 as Canada is celebrating its 150th birthday and all things to do with the national parks are free.



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