Banff to Jasper

So instead of the Grayhound, I booked a tour through Viator with sun dog tours, to get from Banff to Jasper stopping at all the major stops in between.

They did hostel/hotel pick up and drop offs too so no having to walk to find my hostel which is really lucky as it turns out.

The first stop is Lake Louise hence the reason I didn’t go the day before, its worth a stop if your doing it on your own but its very overcrowded, along the way we stopped at Bow Lake and my god the only other lake I love just as much is Moraine lake they are just breathtaking. Another amazingly blue lake we stopped at was Payto lake, runoff from Payto glacier, then time for a photo stop at the weeping wall that I’m sure looks much more impressive during winter or summer I’m sure.

BeFunky Collagep

The main stop was the Columbian ice fields here we went on the Glacier (the second one of the year for me) we drove on to it by a huge wheeled bus that’s made just for that, I can’t lie Frans Joseph glacier is much more impressive but being able to walk and drive onto a flat glacier is still pretty cool. After this our ticket included going on the skywalk over a canyon although I did think it was over a glacier so I’m glad I didn’t buy it separately, it was still fun mainly because we got to see a family of mountain goats.

BeFunky Collagej

Once finished we headed into Jasper with a photo stop at a less impressive waterfall that I’ve forgotten the name of, but anyway it turned out my hostel was halfway up a mountain and not in the town so like I said at the beginning it’s a good job they did hostel drop off’s.

Lunch was Included on this trip it was a choice between a sandwich or soup a cookie or fruit and a salad as well as a drink.



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